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Do you have custom exterior surfaces that you don’t want to accidentally damage while cleaning? We, ARA Painting can clean your exterior surfaces professionally without the worry of harming your surfaces. We can do everything from powerful pressure washing to soft washing with the right cleaning solutions for your problems. Your surfaces will be cleaned off the muck and mold in no time.

We understand the importance of preserving your custom exterior surfaces, and that’s why we offer professional cleaning services that guarantee the safety of your valuable investments. Our expertise goes beyond cleaning; whether you need a fresh coat of paint, flawless drywall construction, or a stunning new floor, your home will shine inside and out, and your custom exterior surfaces will stay pristine.

Suffolk County pressure washing

Pressure Washing

By using high PSI, high pressure washing can pump powerful jets of water removing even the toughest grim and stains. In case stains still persist, we use proper cleaning solution to tackle them. Recommended for strong exterior surfaces.

Soft Washing

A low pressure washing method used to clean more delicate surfaces. Like pressure washing, this can also use safe and effective cleaning solutions to make sure your surfaces are clean!

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